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mercredi 20 février 2013
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Voici un petit descriptif des différences entre la section euro anglais et la section oib américain au niveau des études et du baccalauréat et la présentation de l’OIB ESPAGNOL


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L’OIB espagnol


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- Le recrutement en OIB se fait par des tests linguistiques le 17/04/2013.
- Le recrutement pour Section Euro Anglais , Euro Italien et ESABAC se fait à partir des dossiers qui seront envoyés par les collèges.

- THE LYCEE FRANCOIS MAGENDIE is a state high school located in the the Bordeaux city centre.

- It is composed of about 150 personnel (managerial, teaching, health, maintenance and administration staff) and provides education for nearly 1100 pupils in 33 classes.

- Headmaster : Jean Paul RICHARD
- Deputy head :
- Bursar/accountant : Anne-Marie Perez

A comprehensive school : (5th, 6th and upper 6th forms) leading to the Baccalauréat général (A LEVELS) :

*L : literary section. *ES : Economics . *S : Sciences.

Magendie is also an international school : the OIB sections (Option Internationale au Baccalauréat) :

- 2 international sections (American and Spanish.)

- 2 European sections (English and Italian)

A vocational school :

5th, 6th and upper 6th forms leading to a Baccalauréat technologique STI (GNVQ in Applied Arts).

- A level education

With a first and second year leading to a Brevet de technicien supérieur ACI (Assistant in industrial creation)


A wide range of foreign languages are taught : (English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, spanish,Chinese, Japanese and Hebrew).

More Information...

Differences between the European English Section and the International American Section

- The European English Section, as its name implies, is closer to the French way of teaching foreign languages. The English language is studied methodically, rigorously and analytically.

This section is aimed at pupils whose command of English is good without necessarily being native speakers.

It prepares them for the French Baccalauréat specifying « Mention Européenne » on the certificate if the candidate obtains a mark of 12 or more out of 20 in the written English exam together with a mark of 10 out of 20 in the oral exam. The latter lasts 30 minutes, testing command of the spoken language and knowledge of History and Geography in the « L » (Literature) and « ES » (Economics) sections or Mathematics in the « S » (Science) section.

- Timetable

The timetable and syllabus of the European Section are similar to those of the regular French sections. The main difference is that in the first year History and Geography are partly taught in the English language and there is an extra hour of English literature.

*In the second and third years pupils have 1.5 hours extra of History and Geography (« L » and « ES ») or 1.5 hours extra of Mathematics (« S »).

*In the first year, the students sit for the CEC organized by the Ministry of Education, (ranked level B1)

*Pupils may also prepare the FCE (First Certificate Exam) from Cambridge ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), an upper-intermediate level (ranked level B2, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages or « CEFR »).


Lunches are available on the premises. The lunch cost is set at every term and payable in advance : - for 5 days a week : 476,00 Euros - for 4 days a week : 405,88 Euros

payable each period : January - March 146.88(5 days) 125.56 (4 days)

April - June 133,28 (5 days) 110.96 (4 days)

September - December 195.84 (5 days) 169.36 (4 days)


The boarders are housed at Lycée Toulouse Lautrec, 115 rue Abria in Bordeaux.

Only 100 students can be accommodated, 75 female and 25 male boarders.

Only Applied Arts and OIB students can apply.

The assignment depends on their family location and situation.

The boarding is closed on weekends, on bank holidays and school holidays.

The enrolment is yearly with a fixed fee each term in advance.

The annual cost of boarding for the 2012 school year is 1436.75 Euros, payable each period :

January - March 443,34 • April - June 402.29• September - December 591,12

- Lycée François Magendie
10 rue des Treuils
BP 12

- phone : 05 57 81 61 50

- Fax : 05 57 81 61 58

- Em@il : contact@magendie.net

- Lycée François Magendie
10 rue des Treuils
BP 12

- phone : 05 57 81 61 50

- Fax : 05 57 81 61 58

- Em@il : contact@magendie.net

-- 16 Septembre 2014 --

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